Making an order from start to finish

To start an order, a customer will reach out to you requesting for alterations. Here is how to respond, how to start, and how to complete your order!

  1. Click on your name at the top right hand corner of the website.

  2. When you have new messages from customers, they’ll show up next to your name and next to the ‘Messaging’ button.

  3. Click the Messaging button to view the messages.

  4. Once you click ‘Messaging’, you’ll be able to see your messages with all customers. 
    Here, you can arrange fitting sessions and discuss orders. 
    Once an order has been agreed on, click ‘Make Order’ at the top right hand corner of the chat box. 

  5. Fill in the fields with the information regarding the alteration service you’re providing.

  6. Click on ‘Alteration Form’ and complete the form with the details.

    • This is the digital version of a traditional alteration form. 
    • Fill in the relevant fields. If the alteration is complicated, you can opt to check the “Other” box to simplify the process. 
    • Add any relevant information under the remarks section, such as "Reduce hem by 2 cm".
    • Click “Save”. 

  7. You can click the (+) button to add another garment.

  8. When you’re done, click ‘Submit Order’.

  9. Once you’ve made an order, you can check your order history by clicking on your name, and then clicking ‘Order History’. The order will be "Pending" until the customer confirms and makes payment for it - after that, it will be changed to "Paid - In Progress".

  10. Once you’ve completed the order, click “Mark as Ready”.

    This will inform the customer to that their order is “Ready for Collecting”.

  11. When the customer collects the clothes, they MUST complete the order by clicking “Mark as Collected”. If not marked, you will not receive payment.

  12. And you’re done! The customer can now leave you a review. Tip: You can ask them to upload pictures in their review so that other potential customers can see the work you’ve done.